W1KQ Tower Project

              Temporary 18 Feet of Rohn 25 on the deck        Necessary paperwork to put up permanent tower       




Woops! Installed too close to the house.  Hmmmm, something has to be done about this.

Take the handle off and cut it so it will fit?


Maybe one of those ratchet wrenches will work better than this?


The catalog showed the tilt-over fixture sitting vertical...
...maybe we'll just take a couple of inches off the brace bars
to make it vertical...yeah....that's the ticket!  Cut and weld!
That will move the cranking handle away from the house.
Not so fast...see project completion...

Update: While in the process of measuring
to get the needed length of the brace bars I had an epiphany!  Why not just
drill a hole through the stanchion above the current hole where the brace bars are attached?
The stanchion will then be vertical and the crank can turn without restriction or knuckle banging!!
Now to find a 3/4 inch drill bit...  Click here to view project completion...

At least it's level!

That's what leveling nuts are for!
The upper nut in the left photo has been adjusted since this photo was taken.


My plans are to install a Cushcraft X-9, 9 element HF tri-band yagi;
a homebrewed 6 element 6 meter yagi;
a 14 element Hy-Gain two meter yagi;
an 11 element Cushcraft 440 yagi;
and a 5 element 2m quad at the top
Of course the temporary tower is coming down...
and so are some tree branches not visible in the photo.

All photos copyrighted
 6 August 2008


Update:  6 Sep 2008

The tower is up!
Click Link to see more Photos

 The 5-Element Two-Meter Quad is at the top above the 15 foot mast; the height is 53 feet AGL. 11 feet of mast extend above of the top of the tower. 
A 6-Element UHF Yagi (Vertically polarized) is located about three feet below that.
For now a 3-Element 6 Meter Beam is about four feet below that and the Cushcraft X-9 is two feet above the top of the tower itself at 40 feet AGL.

I ran ground wire (#4), bonded to the utility ground below the meter, to the back yard and to the base of the tower. Eight feet long 5/8 inch
copper clad steel ground rods are sunk every 16 feet.  Still a work-in-progress the SPG (Single Point Ground) consists of a Polyphaser copper
panel with I.C.E. arrestors installed.  At the top of the tower I have AlphaDelta arrestors installed.  There will be about 60 feet of
of 1 1/2 inch copper strap (from Polyphaser), for each of the two tower legs facing the back yard, buried 18 inches deep going out toward the back.
The #4 copper wire will make a horseshoe shape around the property from each side of the 75 foot wide lot with ground rods sunk every 16 feet.